The Carvers - Paul Curtis

Today Paul's lovespoons are much sought-after all over the world!

The Cadwyn Ltd range of spoons are the creations of a group of wood-carvers in the southern valleys of Wales, led by Paul Curtis. Paul Curtis, a native of South Wales, grew up in a family of four children. He discovered his love and talent for woodcarving when he was very young.

When he was sixteen, after learning of his interest in wood carving and design, a good friend, Ceris Williams, took him to visit a highly acclaimed master craftsman called Gwyndaf Breeze at St. Fagons Welsh Folk Museum in Cardiff.

Gwyndaf taught Paul how to make a Welsh lovespoon and told him about the history of the lovespoon. When he was leaving the museum, Gwyndaf encouraged Paul to make a spoon by kindly giving him some pieces of various hardwoods. with a piece of the hardwood Paul made his first lovespoon and gave it to Ceris, that was in 1983.

Today Paul's lovespoons are much sought-after all over the world and many are exported. When Paul makes a spoon, firstly the wood is selected and cut to a manageable size. Next the design is drawn onto the wood and the basic shape of the spoon is cut out.

Once he has hand carved the spoon it is sanded three time with different grades of sandpaper and polished twice with beeswax. "This is a painstaking way to finish a lovespoon," says Paul, "but is the only way to achieve a quality smooth silky finish that the Welsh Lovespoon deserves".

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