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Swazi Candles was started in an old cowshed of a former Dairy in 1981 by 2 South African art graduates. In those days The Kingdom of Swaziland was a haven of freedom and refuge and proved to be an excellent place for setting up a Craft Cottage industry.


The mountainous countryside was beautiful, the Swazi people being warm and friendly and receptive to training soon proved to be fine handcraft workers and skilled artisans and ideal partners for our industry. Swazi Candles began to develop a distinctly Swazi ethnic flavor and style!

The little workshop soon gained a reputation for producing unique candles and started attracting visitors from far & wide and was destined to become one of Swaziland’s premier Tourist attractions. By the mid nineties the humble cowshed workshop had burgeoned into an industry that employed over 200 local people and exported candles all over the world. Our candles are now in top stores in Europe & North America. CADWYN is our UK Distributors.

Swazi CandlesWe believe strongly in the principles of Fair Trade and are members of WFTO (WORLD FAIR TRADE ORG). Our workers are part of the decision-making processes and we have systems of Health Care, Pension Funds, Food and Travel allowances and Funeral Insurances in place!

These candles are all completely hand-made and are decorated with either traditional African designs or colourful patterns for the modern home. Please contact us for exclusive selling rights in your area, and let’s work together to bring your customers this unique range and support an innovative African enterprise at the same time.

Candles remain beautifully intact throughout countless burnings

The Swazi Artisans are able to create these long lasting hand crafted works of art in wax by using a soft wax interior of the finest imported paraffin, covered by a hard wax veneer through which the burning flame from within lights the intricate designs.

During each burning, a well is formed providing a place to put a scented tea-light candle. Now your Swazi Candle is ready to be re-burned when the flame reaches a depth equal to or more than the height of a votive or tea candle. This procedure can be repeated a limitless number of times.

Pour off excess melted wax, if necessary, to maintain a steady bright flame. Each time the flame burns lower than the outer veneer, it will shine through the veneer creating a beautiful, romantic, patterned glow.

Swazi Handmade Candles take advantage of the finest braided lead-free cotton wicks so your candles will burn evenly, cleanly and brightly. The wick of your new candle will arrive trimmed to the proper height. Trim your decorative candle wicks to between 1/4" and 1/2" before each lighting. A short candle wick produces a smaller more controlled smoke free flame. Snip the excess after each use to get rid of black buildup on the tip, which causes the wick to bend and the wax to melt unevenly. Never leave wick trimmings in the candle.

Keep Swazi African candles, and all other types, away from open windows, fans, and heat or air-conditioning vents. The blowing air can move the wick and cause dripping wax, smoke, and uneven burning. Burn candles on a level heat resistant surface. If you experience any difficulty lighting your handmade candle, turn it to a slight angle while lighting to create a "melt pool" and hold until the flame takes on "a life of its own”.

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