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Swazi Candles

Swazi Candles

The candles are beautifully hand-decorated in hardwax on the outside with soft wax on the inside. As the candles burn, the light glows through the hard shell of the candle showing the design to the maximum effect. Normal burning time is 45 hours, but Tealights can be inserted into the candles to prolong their life indefinitely!

Swazi Candles was started in an old cowshed in 1981. In those days The Kingdom of Swaziland was a haven of freedom and refuge, and proved to be an excellent place for setting up a Craft Cottage industry. The mountainous countryside was beautiful, the Swazi people being warm and friendly and receptive to training soon proved to be fine handcraft workers and skilled artisans.

The little workshop soon gained a reputation for producing unique candles and started attracting visitors from far & wide and was destined to become one of Swaziland’s premier Tourist attractions. By now Swazi Candles permanently employ 45 people on a Living wage, and export candles all over the world. These candles are all completely hand-made and are decorated with either traditional African designs or colourful patterns for the modern home.

Swazicandles believe strongly in the principles of Fair Trade and are founding members of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade Association). The workers are part of the decision-making processes and have access to Health Care, Pension Funds, Clothing Allowance, Food Allowance, Transport Allowance, Educational Loans, Funeral Insurance and the SWIFT Training Programmes.

Swazi Candles

Candles remain beautifully intact throughout countless burnings

The Swazi Artisans are able to create these long lasting hand crafted works of art in wax by using a soft wax interior, covered by a hard wax veneer through which the burning flame from within lights the intricate designs. During each burning, a well is formed providing a place to put a scented tea-light candle. Now your Swazi Candle is ready to be re-burned when the flame reaches a depth equal to or more than the height of a votive or tea candle. This procedure can be repeated a limitless number of times.

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Dragon Pillar Candle - 600/Draig

Dragon Pillar Candle - 600/Draig

Swazi Candles are handmade using a Millefiore glass bead inspired technique, adapted and perfected for candle making. Swazi Candle artisans apply...
GBP - £12.50


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