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Blue Butterfly Pillar Candle - 600/NT2

GBP - £12.95
USD (approx) - $17.24
EUR (approx) - €15.24

Swazi Candles are handmade using a Millefiore glass bead inspired technique, adapted and perfected for candle making. Swazi Candle artisans apply beautiful & colourful patterns to the outer shell of the candle using a hard wax veneer. As the candle burns the soft inner core creates a translucent lens that allows the light to spread though the entire candle enabling the exterior patterns to glow as the candle burns.

The candle can be re-used by placing a votive or tea light candle inside the wax veneer outer shell. Each candle is individually tagged, wrapped and makes a great gift for Christmas, Birthdays and Special Occasions!

Approx Size/Weight: 9cm Dia / 9cm Tall - 475g

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