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Magic Puzzle Box, Handmade in Thuya Wood - 100

GBP - £34.95
USD (approx) - $43.48
EUR (approx) - €40.47

Traditional Moroccan Handicraft with the key and keyhole hidden behind 2 secret panels. Will intrigue everyone! This wooden mystery box is handmade in Morocco using skills passed down by generations of nomadic craftsmen. It is a traditional Camel Mystery Box, carried by the nomads for generations because it has no obvious key or keyhole and therefore no way of getting to the objects inside. Don't worry - we send out a simple two sentence instruction leaflet with each box!

This is part of our unique range of aromatic Thuya wood gifts. They're hand-made using traditional methods in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in North West Africa.

SIZE (approx): L - 15cm, W - 10cm, H - 8cm

Boite Magique -Thuya Wood agic Box

Heavy - Trwm

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