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Geyron - Blue 'Einion' Welsh Tapestry Throw

Geyron - Blue 'Einion' Welsh Tapestry Throw

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The Welsh Tapestry Throw (Carthen Ysgafn) has an intricate reversible weave. This pattern is based on the traditional and iconic Einion pattern. It is finished with fringing along 2 sides. The throw measures approximately 175cm x 150cm including fringing and is perfect as a throw for a chair, sofa or bed.

Made in The Teifi Valley
Rock Mill, or Melin y Graig in Welsh is the last continuously water driven woollen mill in Wales, and is the home of the Welsh Tapestry Woollen Blanket. Perched on the banks of the river Clettwr and nestling in the heart of Teifi Valley, the mill has been producing Welsh woollen blankets and throws  of the highest quality since 1890. Donald Morgan uses traditional methods passed down through 4 generations of his family.

History of Welsh Tapestry Blankets (Carthen)
This area of Wales was once the centre of woollen blanket production, with dozens of mills thronging the powerful Teifi River & its tributaries. Most are long gone, but not all are consigned to the museums. Rock Mill is a working mill, producing a traditional & contemporary range of Welsh tapestry woollen blankets and throws for a whole new generation.

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