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Red Dragon Flag 8' x 5' - 314 - Welsh Flags

Red Dragon Flag 8' x 5' - 314 - Welsh Flags

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The National Flag of Wales. The flag was granted official status in 1959, but the red dragon has been associated with Wales for centuries; indeed, it is claimed to be the oldest national flag still in use. The origin of the adoption of the dragon symbol is now lost in history and myth. A plausible theory is that the Romans brought the emblem to what is now Wales during their occupation of Britain, but it could be even older.

Many legends are associated with the Welsh dragon. The most famous is the prophecy of Myrddin (or Merlin) of a long fight between a red dragon and a white dragon. According to the prophecy, the white dragon would at first dominate but eventually the red dragon would win. This is an allegory of the historical struggle between the Welsh and the English.

100% Polyester with 2 brass eyelets.

Size: 8' x 5'

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