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60th Anniversary Love Spoon - 024

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We have created this special lovespoon to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary. The figure 60 is hand-carved at the top of the spoon, below which there is a heart and a celtic knotwork design. The names of the couple celebrating the anniversary can be engraved on to the heart, and the date of the anniversary on the bowl of the spoon. The spoon is suitable as an anniversary gift from a husband to his wife, or from a wife to her husband or simply as a gift for a couple who are celebrating their anniversary.

ENGRAVING: This Lovespoon is suitable for Engraving.

An accompanying card with an explanation of the Lovespoon tradition is enclosed with each order.

HEIGHT: 25cm / 9.5"

Occasions: 60th Wedding Anniversary, 60th Birthday

Meanings & Symbols - Carvers - History - Pyro-Engraving

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