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Large Celtic Cross Lovespoon - 026

GBP - £64.95
USD (approx) - $79.36
EUR (approx) - €73.86

This Lovespoon features the Celtic cross of which many can be found in the Celtic countries dating from the 7th century onwards. According to one tradition, the design was formed when St Patrick (a Welshman who became patron saint of Ireland) made the mark of a cross through an old symbol of a circle depicting the pagan moon goddess. Underneath the cross there is an intricate Celtic design.

ENGRAVING: This Lovespoon is NOT suitable for Engraving.

An accompanying card with an explanation of the Lovespoon tradition is enclosed with each order.

HEIGHT: 30cm / 12"

Occasions: All Occasions

Meanings & Symbols - Carvers - History - Pyro-Engraving

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